$110 / night

Apartment in Gorodskoy val, 9

1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 1 Elevator 3 Floor

A VIP short-stay apartment in Minsk will arouse interest in every guest of the capital city. Every single thing is tailored there to keep you relaxed without fail. A fridge, gas stove, microwave, stylish tableware – we have done our utmost to preclude any petty disturbances in your household. A cutting-edge stylish kitchen with vogue appliances is both functional and eye-pleasing.

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Our VIP short-stay apartment makes your rest a sheer delight. The design of the apartment will get you subdued at first sight. The range of colours encompassing the room walls winds you up for positive and tranquil things. Light tones mixed with varied lighting fill the apartment with air, create an atmosphere of lightness and space. The stylish designer furniture will please your eyes not only with soft curves and tones but will be the true picture of comfort for your body. A leather-bound corner furniture set is awaiting to embrace you, pledging de luxe rest for the body. You can cosily while away your time as you watch the LCD with a cup of coffee in your hands.

We have made sure you have a nice sleep as we designed the bedroom in the VIP short-stay apartment in Minsk. The room design will get you astonished. The same quiet range of colours and stylish furniture are conceived to share a feel of homely tranquility and comfort. A bear skin on the floor gives it a romantic flavour and harmony.

Italian tiles, double-glass windows, in-built cabinets – we have made every provision to help you relax well and comfortably in the VIP short-stay apartment in Minsk. We have done our utmost to leave you with vivid and lasting impressions of your stay in Minsk.

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